As anyone who follows Real Blue would know, the best way to get rid of a dead whale’s carcass is dynamite, and lots of it. Just watch how well it works:

Richmond officials working to remove decaying whale carcass from waterfront

This could radically alter the blight that plastics inflict on our world. Thanks, AI!

Plastic-eating Enzyme Could Eliminate Billions of Tons of Landfill Waste – UT News

The fish may love them – but we wonder if the fish are there because they’re eating the carcasses of dead birds that fall into the water after hitting the turbines. Still, electric power is better than fossil fuels.

The first US offshore wind farm has had no negative effect on fish, finds groundbreaking study

Whose going out to see what insanely fast looks like??

The Formula 1 of high-speed sailing is coming to the S.F. Bay this weekend

No one was injured. This is what we call GREAT publicity. Tickets on sale now…

$7 million catamaran capsizes on the San Francisco Bay

Would you go electric? The new ones recharge as you sail (not great for racers but maybe for cruisers).

New electric outboard motors ditch the props for greater efficiency