Could you imagine being the skipper who takes a crew, many of whom have no idea how to sail before training, on an around-the-world race, through the roaring forties, and give them the helm of a multi-million dollar yacht? (Fyi, they do not go around Cape Horn. Just the Cape of Good Hope). Here are the skippers. The video shows one leg.

Part of the Clipper Round the World Race

Yes, you can book a surfing safari to Alaska. No, you probably do not want to. “Heading to Alaska to score some waves is more like a surf expedition. Want your shot at one of Alaska’s most reliable rivermouths? That’s 18 miles by boat, dodging glacial run-off and chasing limited daylight. Don’t bother hiking. Three mountains stand in your way. And bring layers.”

How to prepare for a cold-water surf trip to Alaska